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Support your heading with general information about your residential pest control philosophy. This is a great place to put credentials, service area, customization options, bundling options, a general promise of guaranteed service, and other facts that will assure your reader that your company provides what residential customers need.

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This section can highlight a specific pest control program, which you offer, a specific pest you offer targeted service for, a description of how you protect residential structures from invasive pests, or any narrative that informs and engages potential residential pest control customers. Be sure to write to your audience. Most of the visitors to this page will be homeowners looking for a trustworthy solution to their pest problems. If they have a specific need, such as a rodent infestation, a section that talks directly about rodent control (with a photo to the right) will quickly catch their attention. Other readers will simply move to the next section if they're not interested. If your reader has a general need, he or she will be looking to see "how" you do pest control, and may read a targeted section even though that service is not needed.

  • Use bulleted lists to promote program highlights or guarantees.
  • Example: We use of safe, eco-friendly products that won’t harm the health of your family, children, or pets.
  • You can also use bullets to list treatment areas or list specific steps involved during a pest control visit.

There are many directions you can go with this first section. The goal is to connect readers who are interested in safeguarding their health and property from bugs, rodents, and wildlife, with the information they need to make a buying decision. Each potential customer is different. One may be drawn in by a low price (or the fact that you give a price at all). Another may find comfort in knowing that you put Green Pest Control first. This page should attempt to give all potential customers a reason to take the next step.

Termites are insects belonging to the order of Blattodea and the infraorder of Isoptera. They are eusocial creatures, meaning they have ranks among their colonies; these ranks are typically divided into reproductive termites, soldier termites, and workers. Most termites appear similar with soft oval-shaped bodies that range in color from tan to light brown, and they are known for their strong jaws that they use to chew through wood. Termites will carve galleries in wood that appear much like mazes.

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Termites are a problem all over the United States, but in a destination hotspot like our area, they can be particularly problematic. If you’ve been experiencing termite activity you need the help of our service technician professionals. Allagash Pest Solutions is highly trained to eliminate termites and prevent them from returning. We also offer a variety of pest-specific services including general pest control and commercial pest management for homes and businesses in our area. Learn more about our pest control programs by calling Allagash Pest Solutions today.

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